Passwords are stored in every employee’s head, worse yet stored in notebooks, on paper, databases, and within spreadsheets to name a few. With StrongPass you can reign in these bad practices and even mask the password from the end user to best combat poor user security habits.

Our solutions are focused around orchestrating the flow of a user’s credentials away from the bad actors so that users and organizations are protected from the attack areas that plague them today. A user’s credentials are stored securely on their mobile device and are only referenced when the user securely accesses the StrongPass app and initiates an online session to authenticate into an authorized application or website.

Authomate is a “zero-knowledge” company. User credentials are always transmitted through Authomate Servers in an encrypted form that cannot be decrypted by Authomate. Credentials can only be decrypted by your mobile device with your StrongPass passcode/gesture or temporarily with a one-use key by the browser extension when you log into a website. 

The credentials themselves are not stored and referenced by Authomate Servers. Only an encrypted back-up copy of credentials are stored in the cloud. These are protected with two layers of encryption. Only the account owner can access the backup for restore purposes using a unique QR Code and their StrongPass passcode/gesture.