The StrongPass Updater is a Windows application that manages the initial installs, subsequent upgrades, and uninstalls of Authomate's StrongPass Components for Windows. The StrongPass Updater will manage the Components for the StrongPass Internet Explorer Browser Extension, the StrongPass Agent, the StrongPass PC Logon for Windows, and the StrongPass AppConnect.  For the StrongPass Chrome and Firefox extensions, the Updater will supply buttons in the Update view to install these extensions by launching the appropriate browser at the installation link. Automatic upgrades are handled by the Chrome and Firefox browsers themselves.

The updater has two views, an Install view and an Update view as illustrated below. You can toggle between them in the View menu. Both views allows you to set the installation path and the address of the Authomate server. If you have purchased  the rights to use your own Authomate server you can provide your URL.  To restore the default value for the Install Folder or Authomate Server, use the Reset button adjacent to the field. Note that the Install Folder provides a common base for the installation path, but it’s partial. The application name, which is automatically appended by the installer, forms the rest of it. For AppConnect, for example, the full installation path will end up being “C:\Program Files (x86)\Authomate Inc\StrongPass AppConnect\”

Install View

The Install view is useful after you install the Updater but have no other Authomate applications installed yet. When the Updater runs right after it’s installed, it will show the Install view if it detects nothing else is installed. One button in that view installs every application that you put a checkmark next to one after another. The values of the License Agreement checkbox, Installation Folder, and Authomate Server are passed into each of the application's installers in order to maintain consistency across applications. Changing the value of the Authomate Server *after* installing a component will have no effect on that component. It must be set appropriately beforehand.

Update View

The Update view below, is the more useful view once Authomate components are installed. From here you can Upgrade or Uninstall applications manually by clicking on the appropriate button. An application can be set to get automatically upgraded. You can view the versions installed, what day they were installed, and the newest versions available from our website. Everything is laid out in tabular form. From the View menu you can refresh the view and decide if you want to see grid lines.

Automatic Upgrades

If any component(s) are checked in the Automatic Upgrade column, the Updater will start a background process and will periodically check for upgrades for those checked components and will upgrade them silently in the background. Auto-upgrades require that the License Agreement checkbox be checked because silent installations afford no way to agree to a license. Auto-upgrades will be disabled and a warning to that effect will remain on the screen while the license agreement is unchecked and components are checked for automatic upgrade(s). The Updater can upgrade the Updater.  If the Updater is exited in the system tray, automatic upgrades will be disabled. Note that closing the Updater form is not the same as exiting Updater. As long as you see the Updater icon in the system tray, then it is running. Upgrades for new components are checked every 24 hours. The Authomate components  that are processes - AppConnect, StrongPass Agent, and Updater - will restart automatically after they are auto-upgraded.

To install the Authomate Updater click here.