If you lose your smartphone or its stolen, the steps below allows you to recover your credentials.


Before beginning the recovery process you will need to gather the following: 

1) The first step is to lock your StrongPass app/device from here.

2) Once StrongPass is locked on the lost phone,  you will need to register your new smartphone. Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in page using your Authomate login ID and password to begin the recovery process.

3) Once you are logged in, bring up the action menu and select the ADD/REPLACE DEVICE menu item.

4) A QRCode is presented. Launch the app installed from the prerequisites above and you will be presented with the Scan Now Button. Click on the “Scan Now” button on the App to scan the QRCode.

5) To register your new device, you need to enter your Authomate password and click on NEXT to continue.

6) This screen discusses the gesture/passcode needed to unlock StrongPass Teams. Click NEXT to select the same device passcode/gesture previously used. Once you Confirm your passcode/gesture this will complete the replacement device registration. The StrongPass app is now ready for use. Click on OK to dismiss the "Device Activation Successful" pop window, then enter the passcode/gesture to unlock the app to continue the recovery process.

7) When you first log into StrongPass, you will be prompted to email your recovery key. Click on Next and your default phone email will prompt you to email the recovery key. Click on Cancel first, then  click on Delete Draft. This process will use the original recovery key to restore your credentials and settings discussed in the prerequisite section above.

8) Next step is to bring up the original Recovery Key, and on the Main screen of your StrongPass app click on Scan Now button to scan the recovery key. 

9) When the Recovery key is scanned the StrongPass app will prompt you to enter the passcode/gesture. Use the same device passcode/gesture set for the device that is locked. The app will restore all your accounts and settings on the new smartphone as the device that is lost.

10) Your StrongPass app has been restored to its original state and is now ready for us.

11) The last step is to delete your old device from the web portal. Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in page using your Authomate login ID and password. Once you are logged in, select the device that is locked and then bring up the action menu and select the "DELETE" menu item as shown below.