There are some Web pages that have arrangements of fields which the Authomate extensions cannot uniquely identify as either change password or login.

If you are trying to perform a different operation from the one indicated by the icon, you may be able to get the right icon to appear by hiding the other fields. You can do this by sliding the window partly off the screen or by reducing the size of the window (as the below) until a scroll bar appears and then scrolling the other fields off the visible part of the window until the desired icon appears. For the example below the action is to change the password and the end result presents the change password ICON.

If your browser extension supports it, you can change the operation type, but this may not result in the desired fields being populated if there are ‘extra’ fields and you may still have to hide the extras. In a few cases, the fields may be of a type that are not recognized until the field is selected and you may have to actually click on the password field to get the icon to appear at all.