The first step is to download the iOS app. You can download the StrongPass Personal App from the App Store on your iPhone, or from the App Store section of the iTunes application on your PC or Mac.  Search for “StrongPass” or “Authomate” and select the StrongPass Personal app for download.  If you use iTunes on your PC or Mac, sync the app to your iPhone after the download completes. Download links are also available from here.

There are two ways to sign up for Authomate StrongPass Personal service:

  1. You can register for the service from the web portal by clicking here. Once your Authomate Account is created you need to register your phone
  2. You can also sign up within the app as described below. 

In-App Account Creation and Register Your iPhone

Once you have downloaded and installed the IOS app, launch it and click on the "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT" button.

Fill in the "NEW ACCOUNT" form and enter your name, email and password.

After confirming your password, press NEXT to continue.

This screen discusses the gesture/passcode needed to unlock StrongPass. Click NEXT to select the device passcode/gesture. Confirm your passcode/gesture and this will complete the new account creation.

You will receive a verification email from Authomate that will contain a link for you to click to verify new account creation. Once your account is verified, you will receive a “Welcome Email” from Authomate listing your Personal information and links to download the browser extensions for Windows and Mac.  

Important Note: You device will be activated after you verify your email

If you already have an Authomate account you can register your device as described below:

Register Your Device

Once you have downloaded the app and installed it, launch it and click on the "ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT" Button to register your device.

On the "REGISTER DEVICE" screen, enter the Authomate ID (email address) and password you chose when you created the account.

Click "NEXT" to continue.

This screen discusses the gesture/passcode needed to unlock StrongPass. Click "NEXT" to select the device passcode/gesture. Once you Confirm your passcode/gesture this will complete the registration.
Once the device is registered, you will be prompted to email your recovery key. The recovery key is used to restore your app data if you lose or replace your smartphone. The recovery key should be secured and kept safe.

Click "Next" to send the recovery key.

After sending the recovery key, StrongPass automatically adds your Authomate account under Sites so you can easily log into the website with the app.

The StrongPass Personal app is now ready for use. To learn more on how to use the app click here.